Culture Cafés - meeting point for artists, cultural and creative industry workers

PUBLISHED 8/1/2023, 12:16

Culture Café gathers creative field’s professionals around a shared table in the cultural venue Nuijamies once a month starting from August 2023.

Each event will start with a short introduction, followed by presentations by the local organizations, artists or entrepreneuers. There will also be time for networking and free discussion.

Four Cafés in the autumn 2023:

  • Thu 3.8. 17.00–18.00 Introduction of the Dream year of culture 2024 and getting to know via speed-dating
  • Thu 7.9. 17.00–18.00 Getting to know “Kulttuuriliite” – a new publication in the cultural sector
  • Thu 5.10. 17.00–18.00 From culture to business?
  • Thu 9.11. 17.00–18.00 The event will be based on the wishes or needs heard in previous cafés.

Location: Nuijamies, Valtakatu 39, 53100 Lappeenranta

Accessibility: there is a ramp at the front door, a low threshold at the door. Both doors can be opened to allow wheelchair users to enter. There is no accessible toilet and the doors to the toilets and are narrow.

No pre-registration needed. Everyone related to the culture and creative sector is warmly welcome to join!

Self-service from Bar Nuija

Culture Cafés are facilitated by the City of Lappeenranta – the Dream year of culture 2024 projects together with the Regional council of South Karelia.

Open call!

Meet the creative professionals! Come and present your community, project or idea at the Culture Café. We are looking for concise 5-minute presentations from different operators. Sign up by 31.07: nelly.hakkarainen@lappeenranta.fi

Additional information:

Project coordinator, City of Lappeenranta, the Dream Year of culture 2024 Nelly Hakkarainen nelly.hakkarainen@lappeenranta.fi