Health-promoting exercise summer schedule

Summer 2023 We move!


Water exercise

Wristband water aerobics

The wristband water aerobics do not require registration, nor do they require a commitment for the whole season.
A wristband is redeemed with the swimming hall fee and given to the instructor at the beginning of the session. The wristbands are sold for €2.50 at the swimming hall cash desk 40 minutes before the start of the workout.

Lappeenranta Swimming Hall

Mon 6.15–6.45 Deep pool water aerobics (until 29 May)
Thu 16.30–17.15 Pool circuit (until 31 May)
Tue 12.30–13.00 Water aerobics (23 May–30 June)

Lauritsala Swimming Hall

Until 21 May

Tue 6.15–6.45 Water aerobics
Wed 16.30–17.00 Pool circuit
Sun 10.30–11.00 Water aerobics

3 July–13 August

Fri 11.15–11.45 Water aerobics
(Free entrance to the swimming hall for unemployed people. Instruction fee €2.50 to be paid)

HEVI – water aerobics for weight management

Low-threshold weight management group for people with a BMI over 30.

At Lappeenranta swimming hall until 19 May, on Fridays 11.15–11.45
Registration: tel. 040 350 4906. Price: €13.50 + swimming hall fee.

Water aerobics in Myllysaari

Easy water aerobics in deep and open water at the Myllysaari swimming hall, free of charge.
Your feet will not reach the bottom of the pool, aquajogging belts are available.

12 June–13 August

Tue 10.00–10.30 Open water aerobics
Wed 10.00–10.30 Open water aerobics
Thu 10.00–10.30 Open water circuit 


Gym groups

Gym 75+

8 May–29 May on Mondays 12.00–13.30, Lappeenranta Swimming Hall gym.
Registrations: tel. 040 350 4906. Price: €13.50 + entrance fee to the swimming hall.

Modified gym group

8 May–26 June on Mondays 12.00–13.00, Kahilanniemi.
Registrations: tel. 040 626 0104. Price €16.50.

Gym training

Circuit training
until 16 May on Tuesdays 10.30–11.30 Lauritsala Swimming Hall gym.
Single payment: €2.50 + entrance fee to the swimming hall New!

Free training
9 May–27 June on Mondays 12.00–14.00, Kahilanniemi
Price: €16.50, loading of gym access rights at the swimming hall. No registration.


Strength and mobility for working-age people

The group is suitable for people just starting out or returning to exercise after a long break. Strength and mobility exercises both indoors and outdoors. This group is for people of working age, regardless of gender and fitness level.

9 May–29 August on Tuesdays 17.00–18.00
Kahilanniemi health gym, Valto Käkelän katu 3 D. Entrance from Kahilanniementie.
Price €48.50. Registrations: tel 040 619 0266.

Exercise for ladies

Low-threshold weight management group for women with a BMI over 30. The group does different types of exercise, both indoors and outdoors.  

9 May–29 August on Tuesdays 18.00–19.00.
Kahilanniemi health gym, Valto Käkelän katu 3 D. Entrance to the gym from Kahilanniementie.
Price: €48.50. Enquiries and registration: tel. 040 619 0266.


Free keep-fit classes outdoors and in parks

All keep-fit classes without a specific date start on 29 May and end at the end of June.
Bring your own exercise mat. If it rains, the classes will be cancelled.
There will not be any jumping, and everyone can participate according to their fitness level. 45 min.

* = activity-filled supervised play area near the gym, with a free guided programme for children under school age and small schoolchildren.

Mon 10.00–10.45 Keep-fit class in the park, Myllysaari grass field, until 8 August*
Mon 12.00–12.45 Modified  keep-fit class in the park, Ratsumestari sports field
Mon 15.00–15.45 Dance mix, Kimpinen sports fields, jumping station
Mon 17.15–18.00 Keep-fit class in the park, Tieranpuisto (Onninkatu, gravel pitch next to the day care centre) *

Tue 10.00–10.45 Keep-fit class in the park, Lauritsala sports field, high jump station, until 9 August
Tue 14.00–14.45 Keep-fit class in the park, Kimpinen sports field, jumping station, until 8 August
Tue 18.30–19.15 Keep-fit class in the park, Hinkanranta, Joutseno, until 8 August

Wed 13.00–13.45 Keep-fit class in the park, Veteraanipuisto (in the vicinity of the Pappilanpelto cherry orchard), until 9 August  NEW!
Wed 15.00–15.45 Keep-fit class in the park, Sammonlahti sports field
Wed 18.00–18.45 Keep-fit class in the park, Myllysaari grass field, until 9 August

Thu 10.00–10.45 Keep-fit class in the park, Lauritsala sports field, jumping station
Thu 10.00–10.45 Child-parent gymnastics, Kimpinen sports field, 8 June–27 July *
Thu 13.00–13.45 Circuit training, jumping station at Kimpinen sport field
NOTE. The circuit training includes jumping and movements on the ground on your own mat.

Fri 9.00–9.45 Park Exercise, Kasino park NEW!


Muscle care/FasciaMethod

All keep-fit classes without a specific date start on 29 May and end at the end of June.
Classes are free of charge, unless otherwise stated.
Bring your own exercise mat. If it rains, the guided classes are cancelled.
Mon 10.00–10.45 Muscle care, sports hall gym, 8 May–26 June
Price €16.50. Registrations: eveliina.nykanen@lappeenranta.fi or tel. 040 829 6162
Mon 10.00–10.45 FasciaMethod, Sammonlahti sports field.

Tue 11–11.45 Muscle care, Lauritsala sports field, until 9 August
Tue 14.00–14.45. Muscle care, Kimpinen high jump station.

Wed 10.00–10.45 FasciaMethod/Muscle care, Myllysaari grass field, until 10 August
Wed 17.15–18.00 Muscle care, Tieranpuisto New! *

Thu 14.00–14.45 Muscle training, Kimpinen sports field, jumping station, until 10 August
Thu 17.30–18.15 FasciaMethod/Muscle care, Lauritsala tennis court


Bring your own exercise mat and kettlebell. Free of charge. No registration.
If it rains, the guided classes will be cancelled.
Wed 16.30–17.15 Juvakka sports field, 31 May–9 August
Thu 10.00–10.45 Sammonlahti sports field, 1–29 June
Thu 16.30–17.15 Lauritsala tennis court, 4 May–10 August


Free outdoor sports for seniors


Neighbourhood exercise session

Wed 10.00–10.30 Louhenpuisto, until 30 August
Thu 10.30–11.00 Savonkatu 38 backyard, 25 May–29 June New!
Thu 11.00–11.30 Sammontori, 11 May–29 June

Easy standing movements to maintain muscle strength and balance, which can be done according to your own capabilities. You can also participate with a rollator.

Balance training outdoors - New!

15 May–26 June on Mondays from 10.00 to 10.30, Perillistenpuisto park
10 May–28 June on Wednesdays from 10.00 to 10.30, Koulukallion puisto park

Movements focusing on maintaining balance are done standing up, depending on your fitness level. You can also participate with a rollator.

Games morning for seniors - New!

8 May–26 June on Mondays 9.00–9.45, Koulukallion puisto park

Familiar garden games and light exercise. You can also participate with a rollator.

Dance for seniors

30 May–27 June on Tuesdays 10.00–10.30, Louhenpuisto park.

Safe and light-hearted fun with rhythmic music. You can also participate with a rollator.

Walking together for fun

8 May–19 June on Mondays 10.00–11.00, western Rantaraitti lakeside route, departure from Korkkitehdas beach.

Sammonlahti morning workout Sammontori

9 May–27 June on Tuesdays 9.00–10.00, Sammontori
A light walk suitable for everyone, accompanied by exercises to improve muscle tone and balance.

Huhtari's morning workout
10 May–28 June on Wednesdays 9.00–10.00, Huhtiniemi fitness stairs

Fitness training and outdoor gym instruction according to your own fitness level.

Senior activity

On Friday 16 June 10.00–13.00, Myllysaari grass field

Come and see what the Sports Department has to offer and the services it provides for senior citizens. You can freely explore what is on offer and take part in guided gymnastics. The event is organised by the Lappeenranta Sports Department and various associations. You can participate regardless of your fitness level, and the event is free of charge. No registration.


Summer activities for people with need of adapted physical activity contact the adapted sports instructor tel. +358 400 157 514 or jenni.lehti@lappeenranta.fi.


For children and young people


Easy-going football 

With the guidance of a sports instructor. Groups are divided according to the participants, for example by age.
On Tuesdays 6 June–25 July 14.00–15.00, Lauritsala artificial turf pitch. Free of charge. No registration.

Children’s sports tour 5 June–29 July 

Physical activity points, especially for primary school children, in primary school playgrounds. 

Detailed timetables and locations:
Pontus scool, on Mon  13.00-15.00, 5 June-24 July
Lappee school, on Wed 13.00-15.00, 7 June-26 July
Kasukkala school, on Thu 13.00-15.00, 8 June and 15 June
Voisalmi school, on Thu 13.00-15.00, 22 June and 29 June
Joutseno school, on Thu 13.00-15.00, 6 July and 13 July
Lavola school, on Thu 13.00-15.00, 20 July and 27 July

Equipment loan van 5 June–5 August

You can borrow sports equipment free of charge. The van tours around Lappeenranta.

Regular stops on Tuesdays 15.30–17.30 in Myllysaari and on Fridays 10.00–13.00 at Sandcastle.


Football group for men

A low-threshold game and muscle exercises. The group speaks simple Finnish and English.
Wed 3 May  14.30–16.00, Amis sports field and, when the field opens, Ratsumestari sports field.
Price €2.50 per session.


Short courses

Find a new hobby

The course will be held in and around the Lappeenranta Sports Building. With the guidance of an instructor, you can try gym training outdoors, kettlebell, body maintenance and disc golf.

On Wednesdays 10 May, 17 May, 24 May and 31 May 16.30–18.00. For a more detailed location- and day-specific programme, please contact us upon registration.

Price of the course: €27.50. Registrations: jasmin.mannonen@lappeenranta.fi or tel. 040 619 0639

Running school

Instruction in technique, different exercises and running on different terrains. The aim is to teach the group how to continue running as a group or on their own.

Lauritsala sports field, sawdust track and local terrain. With instructors: on Mondays 29 May, 5 June, 12 June and 19 June from 15.30 to 17.00

Course price €27.50. Registration and further information: tel. 040 637 0780.

Outdoor activities buddy training

The company and support of an outdoor activitities buddy enables safe outdoor activities, reducing the fear of falling. The training provides information on volunteering and how to act as an outdoor activities buddy. You will be equipped to assist, choose safe routes and use assistive equipment.

Wed 17 May 10.00–13.00, Mon 22 May 9.30–11.30 and Wed 24 May 13.00–16.00.
Sports Building lecture hall, Pohjolankatu 29.
Free of charge. Registrations: hanna.putkonen@lappeenranta.fi or tel. 040 481 9399


Fitness tests

26 May, 2 June, 9 June and 30 June 8.00–9.30 at Kimpinen sports field
Cooper’s running test or 6-minute walk test. Free of charge.
Registrations: tel 040 6370 780.

9 June 2023 9.00–11.00, Joutseno sports field
Cooper’s running test, 6-minute walk test or muscle fitness repetition tests. Free of charge. Registrations: tel. 040 619 0266

Disc golf

The try-out will give you an easy introduction to disc golf with the guidance of a sports instructor. The discs are provided by the Sports Department. Free of charge.

7 June 16.00–17.15, Lauritsala. Meeting at the starting point of the disc golf course at the end of Lauritsala Swimming Hall.
8 June 16.00–17.15, Mattila, meeting at the sand field at Mattila Pond.

Registrations jasmin.mannonen@lappeenranta.fi or tel. 040 619 0639



We move – in nature!  Collecting wild vegetables

A local nature excursion to discover wild vegetables used as food. Free of charge, registrations: tel. 040 631 7428. The course can accommodate up to 12 people. You can only attend one course.
30 May 13.00–15.00 Joutseno, meeting in Ravitie 4
6 June 10.00–12.00 Skinnarila, meeting at the junction of Ritaniementie and Skinnarilankatu
6 June 13.00–15.00 Kimpinen, meeting in Urheilukatu, at the main entrance to Kimpinen stadium

Birdwatching for the whole family on the Rantaraitti lakeside trail

6 June 17.30–19.00

Led by a guide from the South Karelia Ornithological Society. Getting to the trail will be done on foot. Meeting at the Korkkitehtaanranta car park. Bring your own binoculars.

Picnic in the cherry orchard

7 June 12.00–13.30

This free event for the whole family features exercise stations and tips. The event will end with a gymnastics session suitable for all at 13.00.

Free excursions
Cycling trip to Parkinmäki beach

10 May 10.30–13.00, departure from the lubrication booth by the airport. Possibility to barbecue (weather permitting), bring your own sausages.

Bike ride + walk to Hämmäauteensuo

24 May 10.30–13.00 – departure on bikes from the water tower. Once there, a short walk to the lean-to. If you wish, you can also join only the lean-to section of the tour.

More information about the excursions: anne.peuhkuri@lappeenranta.fi and tel. 040 619 0266.