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Youth services

The City of Lappeenranta youth services support healthy growth and wellbeing by offering versatile options for various interest areas. Services include amongst other club activities, an information centre, youth council and various projects with close cooperation with professional who work with children and young people.

Space is offered free of charge to youth and physical exercise/sports organisations. The City of Lappeenranta grants special allowances to support activities of the youth organisations.

Street address: Pohjolankatu 23, 53100 Lappeenranta
Mailing address: PL 11, 53101 Lappeenranta


Youth activities

The Youth Office has several employees around the city. Youth houses are safe meeting places for young people to meet friends and spend time in a safe environment.

The activities in these youth houses include something for everybody: clubs, classes, concerts, trips, camps. Activities are planned and executed together with professional youth councelors, the young people themselves and others who use the premises. House activities are based on positive values: no alcohol, safety, tolerance, equality and healthy ways of life.

The Youth Office arranges work camps for young boys and girls every summer and fall. These camps are for 13-to-16 year olds. They work 5 hours a day and at other times engage in regular camp activities.

International youth activities

The Youth Office organises international gatherings with the purpose of bringing together young Finns with partners in other European countries and plan a meeting. The Office helps and instructs in the planning and arranging of the meeting. The cost is covered by voluntary working and with EU grants. Young people cover part of the cost themselves.

Over the years groups from Germany, French Guayane and many groups from England have visited camps.

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Volunteer service

If you are over 18, volunteer service is perfect for you to participate in a multicultural environment and work for meals and lodging.

Volunteer projects of different lengths and themes are arranged all over the world on projects for non-profit organisations. Participants do not need special training, nor knowledge of local languages. Small compensation is also possible.

Examples of young people who have worked abroad, or have come to do voluntary work in Lappeenranta through youth office and various other partners:

•Vincent from France worked in youth house as youth worker
•Elli-Maija worked in Spain with young people
•Gina from Portugal was a club instructor in Lappeenranta.
If you are interested in international cooperation, please contact the Youth Office




Special youth work

Special youth work offers support, information and instruction to young people with various problems in their lives. Contact can be made either by the youth, the guardians or the partners.

Youth Council

The Lappeenranta Youth Council has 25-35 delegates between the ages of 13 to 18, all residents of Lappeenranta. The main purpose is to bring out the voice of the young people in the decision-making process. The Youth Council can make decisions on organising events and make proposals and give feedback to the City. The Lappeenranta Youth Council operates through the Youth Office.

A representative of the Youth Council has the right to attend various other councils and has a right to speak if the other council decides to grant the right. The Youth Council has its own budget to secure independent actions. The budget covers costs such as meetings, training, phone calls etc.