Events in Lappeenranta, spring 2019

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South Karelia Museum (Kristiinankatu 15)
Lappeenranta Art Museum (Kristiinankatu 8–10)
Open Tue–Sun 11–17

South Carelia Museum

–31 March 2019
The Kalevala Jewelry
Courageous. Timeless. Genuine. Finland’s most beloved jewellery turns 80.

Kalevala jewelry_255x180.jpgThe Kalevala Jewelry exhibition highlights the company’s role in Finnish society over the decades. The exhibition is built around six different themes in six different exhibition spaces:
Kalevala Jewelry is born of women’s courage, Finnish handicrafts and cutting edge technology, modern jewellery and fashion, open-minded collaboration, making values a reality, and creating the future.
The exhibition is designed and realised by Kalevala Jewelry’s own working group.


Alena Abitova luonnon ja ihmisen museo Hanti Mansia_190x246.jpg13 April–29 September
The Holy Dog Cape. The stories and culture of the Siberian indigenous peoples from Khanty-Mansiysk (Photo: Alena Abitova/Luonnon ja ihmisen museo, Hanti-Mansia)

13 April–29 September  SACRED GROVE Notable sites of ancient relics in South Karelia

Permanent exhibition: On the Border – Three Karelian Towns: Lappeenranta, Vyborg and Käkisalmi 

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Lappeenranta Art Museum

19 January –28 April 2019
Fresh Paint in Lappeenranta – The 90th Anniversary Exhibition of the Finnish Painters’ Union
Kimi Pakarinen, Marraskuun kolmastoista 2015, 2016_344x208.jpg 
Kimi Pakarinen, Marraskuun kolmastoista 2015, 2016, öljy kankaalle, 165 x 275 cm. Kuva: Kimi Pakarinen

18 May – 3 November
Väinö Rautio. A retrospective exhibition of the Vyborg-born artist

18 May–3 November
On the shore of Lake Saimaa
An exhibition to celebrate 370 years of Lappeenranta has been compiled from the collections of the Lappeenranta Art Museum. The exhibition focuses mainly on the city’s landscapes.

18 May–15 September 2019
Watch out – Cityscapes by the pupils of Lappeenranta Art School
The exhibition is part of the Lappeenranta 370 celebrations.

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2 February
Winter in the fortress
Ice sculptures and other winter activities

Market Square

9 February and 9 March
Monthly market

5 March
Shrove Tuesday

4–5 April
Spring market

Markkinat kevät 2013 rajattu_Minna Kivistö_370x246.jpg

Harbour Square

sataman iltatulet_396x264.jpg23 February 10 a.m.–10 p.m.
Candle lights will be lit in the harbour area

3 March 10 a.m.–2 p.m.
Winter event for families

Maria Square
11 May
Spring Party in the middle of the city


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Runar&Kyllikki_kuva Mika Haaranen_370x246.jpgLAPPEENRANTA CITY THEATRE

Autumn program can be found at / Ohjelmisto
All performances are in Finnish.

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Orchestra and Theater programs:
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