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Cultural events, venues and sport facilities

Culture forms the soul of Lappeenranta's appeal. The city's professional art institutes – City Orchestra, City Theatre, art and cultural history museums and the provincial library, which includes several libraries – are the key resource creating this appeal. Inspiration can also be drawn from the City's many visual artists, designers, handicraft artists, writers, musicians and other professional artists. The City Hall's 691-seat concert and congress hall provides the venue for hundreds of events every year. Events such as the Lappeenranta ‎National Singing Contest, the Lappeenranta Ballet Gala, the Night of the Fortress and the Ja Kitara Soi classical guitar festival build bridges between Lappeenranta and other places. Metku, the children's cultural centre, invites children and young people to take steps towards cultural participation. It organises art workshops and events and brings the province's children together, to sing in a choir consisting of nearly one thousand children. Basic art education is available for children and young people in the fields of music, theatre, the visual arts, dance, circus and handicrafts. Culture is also a visible and audible part of any summer in Lappeenranta. Singing and music can be heard in the harbour and the marketplaces, plays are performed in the open-air summer theatre of the Fortress, and at the Gallery Pihatto, art meets the countryside in the city. Numerous amateur choirs, orchestras, bands, theatres and organisations offer joyful art experiences and togetherness for us all.

Sport and outdoor activities

Sports and training are important to all Finnish people. Lappeenranta offers various summer and winter sports either in clubs or independently. There are over 100 sports clubs in the city.

Lappeenranta is located by the fourth largest lake in Europe – Saimaa. Sailing routes extend into inner Finland while the Saimaa Canal takes you to the Gulf of Finland and further to all over the world.