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Winter in Finland

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Having a chance to live these winter months in Lappeenranta, Finland gives a whole new dimension to the concept of “winter”.

Years of complaining about the Dutch winter “oh my gosh it’s -5, I can’t go to school now, why does the weather in Holland always suck, I hate this!” all seems really silly now. Spring in Finland is also a strange. Temperature goes up, which means that during the day the snow melts and during the night the melted snow freezes, leaving an ice paradise for the morning after (Private ice skate track oehoe!!). The ice paradise on the streets makes it pretty impossible to walk. Seriously, sometimes I wish I had a pillow in my pant in case of falling down on the street in front of people. I think that’s one of the most awkward but understandable situation you can have in Finland.

Last weekend my dear Dutch friend visited me in Lappeenranta. It’s hard to describe how happy and excited I was. Finally I could show her my life in Finland. On the first day we went shopping, because, believe me; the shops in Lappeenranta are very nice. The only very confusing thing is seeing the summer collection in the window while it’s around minus 17c outside. On Friday we decided that it was time to make our lives more exciting. I though feel that all my days of Finnish adventure are exciting. After a few phone calls we found our activity for the day; Parasailing at Lake Saimaa.

Yes. We were nervous and I was very happy when Merel, my dear friend, decided to go first. When she came down, her face said enough. ” IT’S SO COOL”!!!! I can tell you as well, it is VERY cool. Parasailing on the frozen lake is one of the things that should be on your “Must do in Lappeenranta List”. The beautiful view and free bird feeling 70 meters high in the sky is just amazing. I also have to add that the bus driver getting us there and Holiday Club Saimaa receptionist who brought us bak home to Lappeenranta were amazingly kind welcoming encounters.

Try it out by yourself at Saimaa Adventures!
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Next week I will write more about my adventures last week, now it is time to discover Stockholm!

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Yvette Draijer