Valitse taso

Winter Wonderland

Far away from the normal world, between the trees and the snow, there is Lapland. People go to Lapland to completely relax, rest and enjoy the silence and the nature. With no Internet or Wifi I was totally in Lapland, no other things in my mind. I joined the Lapland trip organized by Lappeenranta University of Technology’s local section of international Erasmus Student Network with 50 other students to relax and rest, which never really happened.
1-IMG_8113 x600.jpg 
The first day started off well with down hill snowboarding and there was enough
snow so the tracks were really smooth. But before I went downhill I stood still
and just took a look at the beautiful view. The only thing I saw was threes and
snow, there was nothing else, really special.
2-IMG_8105 x600.jpg 
After a long day of snowboarding we took a sauna and after that we took
a swim in the fresh swimming pool.
3-IMG_8117 x600.jpg
In the evening we invited everyone to our cabin to party and just have fun with
some cold drinks and some nice music.
Next day after taking some rest in the sauna and swimming pool we went on
a snowmobile ride. There was a special track trough the forest for the snowmobiles and
it was really cool to feel the power of these machines!
5-snowmobile x600.jpg
Instead of eating pasta everyday we ate at the restaurant where we got a buffet
with reindeer or salmon. Never ate reindeer before but it was really tasty.
6-IMG_8141 x600.jpg
Of Course we had our last party in our cabin in the evening to be completely broken
the next morning and pack our bags to take another bus trip of 10 hours.

Oh wait! On the way back we stopped by at a Husky farm where a hillbilly looking guy
with a pipe welcomed us. I think there were 100 huskies on this farm. Wish I could take
one with me, but I don’t think they would like the Netherlands, these huskies
belong here in the snow.
7-HUSky boyy x600.jpg 
I saw this in movies when I was young so it was funny to experience it in real life.
8-husky sleetje x600.jpg
Lapland was great!

Thomas van der Werff