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The coldest and the most amazing Chapter of my Life


The time has come that I have to go home again. I’m going to leave the country where I met the ‘real cold’, the country with the sober people, with the beautiful nature, the barbeques, the Ice hockey, the sauna and Lappeenranta with the students from all over the world. I made friends for life here, and I’ll miss the time I spend here, but now it’s time for me to move on.


Farewell blog pic 1.png 

I got a warm welcome in Lappeenranta by the local newspaper.


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In the silence of the woods and snow, you really feel like you are at the end of the world. Lapland was probably one of the most amazing experiences.

Farewell blog pic 3.png
Ice swimming at Myllysaari, on the picture this was the second time I’m doing this. At first I would not even expect that I do it once! I took my friends with me and they also really enjoyed it. Some sauna, beer, ice cold water and sunset. Welcome to Finland, what would you want more!


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With my love for Football, I came here and I didn’t know the rules and the puck went too fast for me to follow the game. In Lappeenranta I started liking Ice Hockey and Saipa.


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There were always people in for a barbeque at the lake. I never did so many barbeques in my life.


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It’s in Lappeenranta where the sky is bluer than ever, this amazing big frozen lake with the blue sky above it. When you are here in the middle of the nature you really feel and taste the fresh and clean air.


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I really have to go now! Farewell Lappeenranta, I’ll never forget you.

Thomas van der Werff