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Salpasafarit, one day, a lot of new experiences


Luckily there was a lot of snow for the last couple of days before I went to Salpasafarit, so I could do some winter activities that I haven’t done yet in Lappeenranta. And if you want to do winter activities, Salpasafarit is the place to be. They have snowmobiles, snow ATVs, a hovercraft, sauna on an island in the middle of the lake and much more. Adjacent to Salpasafari’s restaurant Rauhanranta there is also a reindeer farm and Wild Tours & Safaris.

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First we rode the snow mobiles on the lake. It was cool because the whole lake was free for us. We went on top speed crossing over the lake! 


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Then it was time for a coffee break in a Lappish hut at the Wild Tours & Safaris’ reindeer farm. The place was cute with a fire in the middle to keep the whole hut warm.


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With a hovercraft it doesn’t matter if you are on ice or on water, it can handle every terrain. So now it was time to cross the Lake Saimaa with this crazy machine. Smooth ride!


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On the island you are totally at rest. You can do a BBQ and after that enjoy the sauna. We were on the island before the guests arrived to prepare the dinner and heat up the sauna for them. I was jealous at the guests who could do this!


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The sun came through so it was really beautiful to be there in the middle of the lake on a deserted island.

It was a great day, definitely better than sitting in the office!

Thomas van der Werff