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Rent a cottage at Lake Saimaa, experience the real Finnish life


It was the time for my parents to visit me in Lappeenranta. To experience the real Finnish life and to see the beautiful nature we rented a cottage at the Lake Saimaa. There was no Internet, but only a fireplace in there. Then there was a wooden sauna, only nature and a lake, nothing else. This kind of primitive life takes getting used to for us ‘big city people’.

Cottage picture 1.JPG
Chop your own wood for the sauna and the BBQ.

Cottage picture 2.JPG 

I really felt like a Finnish person when I was taking the sauna as the normal temperature for me was too hot for my parents. That’s what you get when you go three days in a week to the sauna. And after sauna of course we swam in the lake.

Cottage picture 3.JPG 

My dad took the boat to row at the lake, a bit wider than the Dutch canals.

Cottage picture 4.JPG
No, this is not an edited picture I took from Google of a beautiful sunset, this is real sunset at Lake Saimaa in Lappeenranta.

Cottage picture 5.JPG 

Fresh from sauna and swimming we grilled some sausages on the BBQ. A really nice place just to sit for the whole evening with some beers and nice people while the fire is burning.

My parents really liked the hospitality of the Finnish people, the sauna life style, the BBQ, the beautiful sunset on the lake, the silence and that you just can skinny-dip without people seeing you. But you must buy enough groceries for a couple a couple of days, because you can’t just go around the corner for the bakery or the supermarket.

Cottage picture 6.jpg
Because of my heavy student life I really needed some rest, and it was the same for my parents. I think we all got the rest we needed. My mission to showcase the Finnish culture in a week was successfully accomplished!

Thomas van der Werff