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Reborn in the Ice


I was waiting for the day Mirka would tell me that I have to swim in the ice. First I was not so excited to do this, but Yvette, the intern from last year, did this also, so I almost had to go to not look like a sissy.

The husband of Mirka, Mahboob Rahman from Bangladesh joined me in this crazy experience. His friends in Bangladesh couldn’t believe that you can swim in the ice, that’s why he wanted to prove this to them.

Both of us had good reasons to do this, but still on the way to the public sauna at Myllysaari I felt a little bit pressure in my stomach. 

The sauna was getting hotter and hotter; it doesn’t seem to bother the locals at all. Mahboob and I were on fire and decided to go outside, it was not cold at all, but now the ice water… 

2 Reborn in the Ice x600.jpg  


1 Reborn in the Ice x600.jpg

Once I was in the water I tried to laugh for the camera but I couldn’t move my mouth. I hope this explains how cold it was? 

When you get out of the water, first it feels like there are 100 knifes stabbing you but than after that it’s an amazing adrenaline rush what goes through your body. After this I wanted to do it again, so we did it two times more. Never would have thought that I will enjoy swimming in ice water. 

3 Reborn in the Ice x600.jpg

There you are standing all naked with -1 degrees besides the lake Saimaa with a beer in your hand talking about life. I can understand now why people do this so often, it’s a really special experience.

Thomas van der Werff