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I do not participate in any Sport with Ambulances at the Bottom of the Hill

Or wait. Actually I did - Skiing in Myllymäki
 vieuw on top.jpg
 View from the top
 All together at Myllymäki

There are only three things to learn in skiing: how to put on your skis, how to slide downhill and how to stay alive. For me, this is harder than you can imagine. As I wrote before, I’m clumsy. And not a little bit, no, really clumsy. For me there is one of two ways to stop while skiing; with my skies crossed or just falling down and cross my fingers if one of my legs isn't broken. Even with all this clumsiness, I decided to join some friends for skiing at Myllymäki. We rented a car and after a 30-minute-ride we arrived at Myllymäki. For 34 euros we rented skis and bought a ski card for a three hours’ use. Moment of truth after haven’t skied for the last 4 years - this was my moment.

Me, My Skies and I, Downhill

After a couple of times downhill it started to get easier and I even tried the heavy, steeper slope. Okay, maybe for me it was a heavy, steep slope but I did it I did it aaaghh! I was pretty confused to see all these small kids crossing my road on the slope with their tricks and jumping skill. I understood that I will never be as good as those little ski miracles. After three hours, struggling, skiing, laughing and crying because of the cold wind in my eyes, it was time to get back.

Ski resort of Myllymäki has a direct access to 5 individual slopes and it is served by 4 ski lifts. It is a small ski resort but perfect for a sportive day out!

The view on top of the slopes is amazing, you feel like you are on top of the world with look on the pedal and the treetops. It gave me the feeling that I was in the mountains of Austria, a very nice childhood memory! The snow on the slopes is great, of course I am not professional but the snow felt good under my skies. I think Myllymäki is a great spot in the Lappeenranta area for tourists, locals, students and of course the little ski miracles! Rent some skis and try it yourself! :)

Laskettelukeskus Myllymäki

Myllymäentie 83
54100 Joutseno
Tel.: +358 / 45 / 2080335

P.S Don't break a leg ;-)

Yvette Draijer