Valitse taso

Dutch Adventures in a Photo Diary


After three months in Lappeenranta for my internship at The City Hall, Lappeenranta really feels like home. I know the way, where I can have the best lunch and even my cooking skills have improved.

Curious about what I am doing daily? Take a look at my photo diary. Last weekend we had a party at the LOAS cottage near the lake at LUT. We did sauna, swimming, barbequing and this all with 8 different nationalities of students together. How special?

Study break, sun, barbeque, sauna, friends and a beautiful view on the Lake Saimaa; sounds like a perfect day right?

Only three weeks ago we were still able to walk carefully on the lake. And now? We have swum! Off course sauna before was a must do ;-)

The end of the day, campfire! Marshmallows included off course, mmm

Time to show my friends and family my LOAS apartment without snow, my best friend who came visit me in March couldn’t believe her eyes when I send her this picture. ‘It’s so different!!’


Good morning Sunshine! Waking up with the warm sun rays on my skin, I like it!


Time for a meeting and a tour through the Library of Lappeenranta, soon I will write a blog about my experiences in the Library and the differences I found compared to a Library in Holland!

Enjoying the sun in front of the City Hall, so great to see all the happy faces of people because of the sun…. '

 …. and I enjoyed the sun with a ‘Pinapple Sunset’ smoothie from Arnolds, jummie! I love their food, smoothies and donuts.

Back to work! Writing my new blog! Keep you posted!

Yvette Draijer