Valitse taso

Already feeling at home

I’m now three weeks living in Lappeenranta and 1000 cups of black coffee further. I’ve been doing a lot of things, meeting new people from all over the world and getting used to the life and the cold here.
After my busy workdays the life here in Lappeenranta is really relaxing and totally different from the big city life.

My highlights of these weeks were:

 1. IMG_0174 x600.jpg
  Tranquivil visit in the homy Old Town to see some nice art at the South Karelia Art Museum. I liked it
  because it was modern art. They have expositions for periods of times and they have their own art.
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 3. IMG_0025 x600.jpg
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 5. IMG_0112 x600.jpg
  In the Old Town Fortress you have a great view of the Lake Saimaa and they give you a look of
  the history of Lappeenranta and the region at the South Karelia museum of Cultural History.
  I have a lot of old buildings in Haarlem as well, including my own house,
  that’s why I enjoy this atmosphere of the old town.
 6. IMG_0179 x600.jpg
  Dad! You’re not the best apple pie baker anymore. ;) @ Majurska coffeehouse in the Old Town beats even you.
  I really enjoyed this traditional café.
 7. IMG_9854 x600.jpg
  First week, I was sitting on the tribune and now I’m standing next to the field as a press representative.
  So next month, I’m playing in the game?
 8. IMG_9969 x600.jpg
  With a sold out stadium and a great atmosphere the fans were singing songs and supporting
  their SaiPa with all their heart. It was an important match for SaiPa because they have to win every game
  now if they want to stay in the top of the league.
 9. IMG_9948 x600.jpg
  The game was against Jokerit, the team with a lot of money and who are playing in the Russian
  competition next year. It was a hard game with some nasty tackles, Jokerit played better and
  you could see that in the score of 1 – 3. But then J. Mankinen gave SaiPa some hope with
  an unexpected goal, 2 – 3! SaiPa decided to play everything or nothing, they exchanged their goalie
  for a player in the hope they could hurt Jokerit with the equalizer. But too bad, SaiPa was too
  vulnerable in the defense and Jokerit scored the 2 – 4.

  The experience of the game was really cool for me and my friend Jasper.
  I’m looking forward to the next game of SaiPa!

Thomas van der Werff